Travel smart resell your airline flights and buy other peoples holidays

Nothing contributes to your self-growth like traveling does. Seeing different people, different cultures and different ways of life expands your worldview immensely. Unfortunately, it can cost a lot of money to travel, which is the main reason people do not travel as much as they want to. Below you will find two tips which will help you travel smarter and cheaper!

Tip No 1: Resell your flight tickets and holiday packages when you are not able to use them yourself

Yes, this is possible! Sadly, so many people are still not aware that they can resell their airline tickets. This is possible with all airlines which offer ticket name change for a fee. Changing the name of the ticket is how you effectively transfer it from one person to another! So next time you are not able to make a flight and your ticket is non-refundable, check if your airline allows name changes. Or, you can go to a marketplace for transferrable flights and holidays. They have a whole page with concise information on airline name change fees and other rules. And if you discover that your ticket is transferable, you can list it on SpareFare!

Even if your airline does not officially allow name transfers, it is still worth calling customer service. Sometimes airlines will make exceptions to keep regular customers happy. If they do agree to the name change, they will certainly ask you to pay a fee.

The rules on transferring holidays differ greatly. If you are a European Union citizen, the EU has issued a directive forcing holiday operators to allow people to change the name associated with their package holidays (this is when you buy the hotel and the flights together). If you are not an EU citizen, you will have to check the terms of the contract with your holiday operator.

Tip No 2: Buy other peoples flights and holidays

If you just want to travel to a new place and are not too concerned about the exact dates, or even about the destination, you can buy other peoples travel! If you go to you will see various flights and holidays listed there. The people selling them have listed them because their plans have changed and they cannot use the flights and holidays anymore. You can offer them a price and see if they would accept it or reject it! Whatever price you agree, it will always be cheaper that the actual live price of the tickets on the airlines and the holidays on the holiday websites, otherwise you will just buy the travel directly from the provider! Sellers know they have to offer you a good bargain and that they will not be able to recover 100% of what they paid originally. So, effectively, someone else will be paying for part of your holiday! Isnt that amazing!

Author’s Bio: 

Georgi Stavrev is one of the co-founders of a marketplace for transferable flights and holidays. If you have a flight or holiday you cannot use anymore, you can list on the site. Or, if you are looking for a genuine last-minute travel discount, this is the place for you!