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CIf you’re not obsessed with washing hair, there is a strong chance that you use shower caps and may have some tucked away in your bathroom. They are quite a reliable tool when freshening up in the shower but don’t want to start from scratch with your hair. These tools keep you hair strands dry, therefore protecting your style, and preventing your hair from falling flat. Finding the right shower cap shouldn’t sound a hard task because there are plenty of different options in the market. Nonetheless, even with plenty of choices to pick from, not many offer the quality needed. So we should ask, how do you select the best shower caps? We have delineated below some decent aspects to take into account so that you identify the right shower caps.
To start with, appreciate that shower caps aren’t all created equal. They will vary in size as some are bigger than the other. Therefore, you have to know your size so that you ensure you are picking a choice that will fit your head. Nonetheless, when it comes to shower cap size, you have to take into perspective the actual size of your head, plus the volume of hair you have. The need to find the ideal size it to ensure you are comfortable when wearing the shower cap and extend the life of the cap because with no stress placed on it should last longer.
On top of that, you should try to find a cap that is compact and tight along the hairline, ensuring that zero water is seeping through it. Since the lining matter, it is best that you go for the terry cloth-lined cap. The terry cloth helps in wicking away moisture that may accumulate on your scalp, avoiding frizz. The whole purpose of using these caps it keeping away water and moisture getting onto your hair and as such, go for a material that will ensure they serve that purpose.
Also, be sure you are evaluating the price of the shower cap before buying. Shower caps will differ when it comes to prices and a brand, as well as quality will impact the price. Understandably, you may want to get the best shower caps on the market; however, it won’t be a sensible option spending a lot of money on caps. But, stay away from the cheapest caps because they lack quality and will not last long.
Last but not least, make sure you are checking at the functionality and quality of the shower. Find out if the shower cap will be for showering only or for styling as well. Additionally, be sure that your cap is made of the best material to have a longer lifespan.
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