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Start Your Own Travel Home Business With MOR Vacations

MOR Specialist, Matt Lawson, explains four reasons why starting your very own travel home business makes sense when looking for a home business opportunity in a difficult economy. A travel home business, such as MOR Vacations, combines the very best of personal vacationing as well as a lucrative income opportunity.

The contributing factors to the rising interest in the travel home business arena are numerous.

First, while the world economy has slowed, the travel industry is growing! The US travel industry accounts for approximately $1.3 trillion annually and over $7 trillion worldwide. This number is expected to double over the next several years. Current growth rates estimate a 23% growth in the travel sector.

Second, the largest generation in US history also has the most disposable income and they love to travel! The millennial generation is global, willing to pay more for things they want, and eager to try new things. Those who win millennials today will lead the pack tomorrow.

Third, the baby boomer parents of these millennials are starting to retire and looking for places to spend their income. As baby boomers are more mobile than their own Florida bound parents, they are seeking exotic travel destinations and locations to spend their hard earned money.

Fourth, the number of new network marketers starting each week is astronomical. In fact, 175,000 Americans are joining this industry each week with 475,000 per week worldwide. This growth sector accounts for over 13 million people in the US and more than 54 million worldwide. Obviously, this market is hot. Those who seize the right opportunity at the right time have the best opportunity to succeed.

Ok, so the answer is obviousTravel Home Business. What is the question you say? Thanks for asking. Here it is


Now that we’re clear, the next question may be more important.


Great question. There are several options.

Your First Travel Home Business Option You could opt for a travel agency style business selling vacations and packages. If you are thinking of going this route, consider this first. In order to make money, you must sell quite a few packages. If you’re going to sell a lot of packages, know that you are competing with online services such as Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz, which have all garnered the lion’s share of the travel booking market.

Your Second Travel Home Business Option Start a specialty travel service offering a specific area of expertise, such as cruising or adventure camping. This could be an effective option if you can manage to brand yourself, create a global product, and have quite a bit of time and money to get started.

Your Third Travel Home Business Option Join a vacation membership company that allows you to sell memberships. Timeshares and vacation memberships are rapidly growing. This opportunity may require an upfront cost, but it comes with a hefty payoff with each and every sale. Some membership companies, such as MOR Vacations, offer $2000 per sale. Compound that commission with the fact that MOR Vacations offers commissions with each sale in your downline to perpetuity, and you have a lucrative income opportunity.

Selling travel memberships like MOR Vacations offers the double benefit of using a membership for personal and family travel as well as a profitable travel home business.

If you are in the market for a home business that offers a solid product and hefty commissions, be sure to check out the travel home business opportunities.

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