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Multi-City Flights and Tickets

Many people associate travel through airlines by the conventional round trip flights, but that isnt the case. You can go around the world on a single ticket and that too for little. offer a great deal of flexibility as it allows you to travel across the globe to multiple destinations of your choice. You can visit several cities and derive great value from your multi-city tickets by adding stopovers and having a flexible travel schedule.


There are multiple ways by which a multi-city ticket can be formulated. On a single ticket, you can travel to several destinations around the world. To derive the most valuable airfare for your trip, throw in some offbeat destinations, add hubs as stopovers, value-add to your one-way trip and play around with your itinerary.

Add a major hub city as a stopover and explore a new place at no extra or very little cost. Having ample amount of time at hand, you can get a few sights of this place and tick it off your bucket list. Visiting a hub city as a stopover turns out to be a cheap deal as compared to visiting it as a main destination, which could turn out to be an expensive affair. Point in case being London or Dubai.

You can even add overland travel to your multi-city flights. There is a great deal of flexibility and you end up saving reasonable amount of bucks when you add a bit of overland travelling in your itinerary. To sum it up, there are several ways in which you can add spice to your itinerary, without having to go that extra mile.


It is advisable to focus on a particular region when going for these kind of flights. Although there is no constraint on the places and regions that you can travel to on a multi-destination ticket, the most cost effective and optimal way would be to stick to a particular region(s). For example, South East Asia has a plethora of places to explore, so you can visit several destinations on your way to your ultimate landing destination. Adding any of the hub cities of that particular region of your itinerary as a stopover has its own benefits as it enables you to see something extra without having to shell out those extra bucks.


The timing of your booking plays an important role on the pricing of your multi-city flights. There are several ways through which you can add value to your ticket and get the maximum potential from it. One sure-shot money saver trick is to book during the off-season. During peak seasons, the traffic rush is high and the prices inevitably go up as there are large number of folks ready to pay premium prices for getting hold of seats. Its much more difficult to get your hands on economical deals during this period.

So the catch is to book in advance and youll have much brighter chances of getting the seats of your choice. And if your travel dates are flexible along with your plans, there would be some great deals in store for you. To sum it up, the early you book, the cheaper it will get.


At the first look of it, a multi-city ticket might sound expensive given the length of your journey and the destinations on your wish-list. However, this type of ticket might turn out to be a cheaper proposition and in some cases, it might be the same price of a round-trip ticket. By playing around with your dates and places, one can greatly reduce the cost of the ticket. You can go for business class as well for certain legs without having to increase your budget as you can easily neutralize this extra cost through your flexible itinerary.

There will always be certain corners of the world that have intrigued you for quite some time now. They can easily form part of a full blown itinerary at reasonably affordable prices. You might end having one of your most memorable trips without even bothering about the balance in your bank account.

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